8bit Hero!



Autonomous gamer geeks in disguise

8bit Hero! is a UK based blog and is a source for news on Games, Music and the geeky


Inspired by jumping pixels, the sounds of 2a03s and a misspent childhood.
8bit Hero! is blogging for great justice

Kerri Sharp (Xavious) – Admin
8050 6190 5192 5459 Gamertag: DotMatrixHero

Kerri Sharp is a Games Journalist for 8bit Hero. At 18 years old he writes about video games on a daily basis and is also Entertainments Manager for his college.

You can contact Kerri via his Email (xavious@gmail.com) or via the postal service or telephone (please email for address or number).

In his spare time, Kerri loves to listen to music (a keen lover of chip music) as well as play video games, read books, study history and the Japanese language and perform his job as a customer assistant. Kerri is also learning to play the Harmonica.

Craig Langridge (MasterOfRPG) – Writer

Craig Langridge is a hopeful video game translator/localizer, and an avid fan of all things Game, Japanese and ‘Geeky’.
Currently grinding at a local supermarket, Craig hopes to leave and start learning Japanese, thus leading him to have more success in his chosen career path

Any questions, whether it be 8-Bit Hero! related or otherwise, can be sent to craigisthemasterofrpg@googlemail.com


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